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Trout Fishing In Teller County Colorado

Teller County is your gateway to gold medal trout fishing in Colorado's Pikes Peak area. Reservoirs, lakes, and countless miles of gold medal trout streams encourage novice and experts alike to test their luck & skill fishing our clear Colorado waterways.

Teller County Trout Fishing

Catamount Reservoirs, North & South

The lakes are part of the North Slope Recreation Area on Pikes Peak and will open for the season on April 29. They will have good water levels to begin the fishing season. They hold rainbows, cutthroats, mackinaw and a few brook trout. Fishing pressure has been relatively light the past few years, and both lakes have some larger, holdover trout. Early spring fishing for mackinaw should b good at North Catamount. Fishing for rainbows should be good to excellent on South Catamount. North Catamount has a flies-and-lures restriction. An access fee for the Pikes Peak Highway is required to fish these lakes. More info

Elevenmile Reservoir

The reservoir is open to boating a 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. Use extreme caution, as floating ice may be present. Trout action is fair. Trout currently are spawning, providing the year's best opportunity for a trophy catch, if patient, using hot-color Power Baits, various jigs and spoons, and night crawlers. Pike fishing is fair to poor using Rapalas and sucker meat. More info

Manitou Lake

Fishing success largely depends on periodic stocking. The lake is on U.S. Forest Service property and has picnic tables and other facilities. An entry fee is required. Forest Service campgrounds are nearby. Directions

Rampart Reservoir

Water levels at Rampart and nearby Nichols reservoirs are much improved. Fishing access should be available, but may change with Homeland Security concerns. Boat-ramp access is to be available May 13-Oct. 3 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with the following restrictions: No rental vans; Class A, B or C motorhomes, or trailers over 22 feet will be allowed across the dam; and no stopping or fishing will be permitted within 500 feet of the dam. With little pressure the past few years, fishing for most species should be good to excellent. Early season is an especially good time to fish, with rainbows cruising along the shore and mackinaw (in Rampart) in shallow water. Fishing for rainbows should remain good through the summer in both reservoirs. The main recreation area will open in late May. Directions

Skaguay Reservoir

Late last week the reservoir had a thin layer of ice with a small area of open water by the spillway. With continued warm weather, the lake could be fishable this week. Interactive Map

South Platte River (btwn Spinney and Elevenmile)

The river is restricted to catch-and-release fishing and fishing with artificial flies or lures. Trout are spawning in the river, providing an opportunity for trophy catches in deeper pools using orange and yellow egg patterns, No. 18-20 Scuds, San Juan Worms, No. 20-22 Miracle Nymphs, No. 20-22 Black Beauties, and No. 18-22 Copper Johns. Interactive Map

South Platte River, Deckers area

The stream flow through last weekend was 156 cfs. The river through Cheesman Canyon and the Deckers area has been consistently good the past several weeks. Trout increasingly have been moving out of the holes and into the riffles. Spordic midge hatches and the occasional BWO have been spotted, uner optimal conditions. The best success has been fishing with nymphs, bead-head Black Beauties, bead-head Flashback Pheasant Tails, RS-2s, San Juan worms, scuds, Red Midge Larvae and Cheesman Emergers. If at all possible, please stay away from the spawning redds. They are easily identified by the distinctive hollowed-out spots with clean gravel, about 18 inches across. More info

South Platte River, Elevenmile Canyon

The flow has been stable around 50 cfs, the river is clear and fish are becoming increasingly active. Though midge and blue-wing-olive mayfly activity is a little more common, the best fishing results remain subsurface. The best bets among fly patterns have been Buckskins, Dorsey's Mercury, Black Beauty, Flashback Pheasant Tail, Red Misge Larva, Gray RS-2, and San Juan Worm. Anglers are reminded to please avoid stomping through the trout spawning redds. They will appear as a divot, usually about 18 inches across, where the gravel has been cleaned off. More info

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

Trout are spawning, offering trophy-catch opportunities. Only artificial flies and lures are permitted, with a bag limit of one trout at least 20 inches long. Spinney will be open a 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset, with no boating or fishing a 1/2 hour after sunset. Only the north boat ramp is in operation. The water level is 4.2 vertical feet from capacity, the best opening-day level in recent years. More info | Interactive Map
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