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Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

Long before the town existed, a trail ran by the site of present-day Green Mountain Falls. This trail, known as the Ute Pass Trail, was used first by the Ute tribes, then Spanish explorers and finally by white settlers moving west. This scenic mountain community was one of three towns set up as vacation spots first for dust-weary Kansans, then upper-class Easterners. Today, the trail has been paved over and is still used as Route 24.

As far as dining is concerned, don't miss the Black Bear Restaurant, which offers a variety of cuisines, or for a more romantic setting, enjoy a candlelight dinner at the Columbine Inn. For longer stays, private cabins are located on Gazebo Lake, which marks the centerpiece of Green Mountain Falls. In addition, the Outlook Lodge, built in the Victorian style in 1889, provides a leisurely getaway for couples of all ages.

Stones, Bones and Wood, a modern trading post, has one-of-a-kind crafts by local artisans, including jewelry and leather goods.

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Pike National Forest and its wide range of activities, from driving up 14,110-foot Pike's Peak to camping in areas such as picturesque Guanella Pass.

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